Speedo Biofuse is designed for clarity, agility, and comfort in the water.

Biofuse Flexible Comfort

Comfort Made For Focus

From goggles to training aids, Speedo's Biofuse products are made to complement your ability in the water. 

Swim With Ease

Our Biofuse technology is featured in goggles, fins, paddles and earplugs, designed to let you simply focus on swimming.  

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In Sync With Swimmers

Inspired by how bodies combine strength with flexibility, our Biofuse products are designed to perform in complete harmony with your body, giving you comfort, and freedom of movement.  

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Made To Fit Every Face

As your face shape is unique, Speedo Biofuse goggles have deeper, softer seals to mould snugly to eye contours, providing complete goggle comfort.  

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Soft And Strong

Made from soft, gel-like material, Biofuse goggles stretch around your face and nose to provide a snug, comfortable fit. The flexible external frame gently hugs your face contours, while a strong internal frame, wrapped in a soft gel-like skin, ensures they maintain their shape for performance and comfort in the water.  

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Choose your goggles.

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