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Words by Nic & Sal from @iocean8challenge

The Ocean8Challenge was created to bring together the open water swimming community and celebrate our incredible ocean. Every swim, dip and splash makes us feel happier and healthier. So how about we give something back in return?

During a chilly morning, two girls sat on a rock wrapped-up in their robes. Despite their shivering, goosebump-covered arms and legs, they were grinning from ear to ear. Those two girls were Nikki and myself (Sal). We started swimming during the pandemic and we’d just finished another glorious morning session. No matter what was going on in life, the water made us feel amazing and ready to take on the world!

We’d noticed however, that as the days got warmer our special swim spot was becoming more and more littered. With Nikki always being reliably late and me always being stupidly-early, I started taking a bucket with me and collecting as much rubbish as I could before our swims. This got us thinking, maybe it was about time we gave something back.

“Every swim, dip and splash makes us feel happier and healthier. So how about we give something back in return?”

The water did so much for us, now it was our turn. World Ocean Day was coming up on 8th June and we decided that for 8 days we would do a daily swim, followed by a big beach clean. Each day would be a different beach and we’d do what we could to get as many people involved as possible. Ocean pollution is a big, daunting problem but by working together as a team we can do great things!

So, for another year coming, we’ll be doing 8 daily sea swims and beach cleans between 1st and 8th June (World Ocean Day) and we’d absolutely love you to get involved!

Couple in water celebrate sunshine in speedo swimwear

Take part in any of the 8 days (or even all of them if you’re up for the full challenge!) and from wherever in the world you are! If you’re in the Falmouth area then come and join us in-person, however if you’re not then head to your local spot and be sure to upload your photos, videos and stories- tagging @Ocean8Challenge -and we’ll share your positive ocean-vibes!

Hardcore swimmers, social dippers or quick-splash water-lovers, grab your cossie and a bucket, and join the Ocean8Challenge team!

Words by Nikki Hawkes & Sal Montgomery, founders of Ocean8Challenge. For more information follow @Ocean8Challenge



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